The Gateless Gate

Three symbols to stabilize the words herein:

Symbol 1: P-H


The P-H symbol serves to draw attention to the situatedness of our discourse. H is here, Heraclitian, homeP is the domain of representation, the domain over which our discourse ranges. We cannot point to H, but we can repeatedly point to how the elements in P have been summoned from H.

Symbol 2: The Frame

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 09.51.06

The Frame bounds any specific discourse. The topic presupposes a frame. We can make the frame explicit, and we can nest frames, but within any discourse, there is always an unwritten frame, which is also known as the unmarked state. In this instance, X is the topic.

Symbol 3: Logos


Logos is the totality of the order that we presume makes life in the unmarked state intelligible. Here, the reliance on Natural Law, on Institutionalised Law, and on the dictates of religion and tradition all hold sway. The boundaries between the three domains are to be interrogated.